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Shelter Dogs - 09 Apr 2020 12:40


Two months ago, I decided that it was time to adopt another dog. I came to the local zoo a few times a week to see the dogs. Our domestic animals are called human societies, although they do not always have a place to be idealistic humans. In other words, the capacity of facilities is sometimes exceeded and some dogs are knocked down to make room for new arrivals. Hawaiian Dog Names This is one of the many reasons why some people are reluctant to volunteer in the Mauni human society. Walking the dog twice a week and then coming back the following week to find out if the dog has been "knocked down" is heartbreaking.


After several visits with a dog named Laura, a Chihuahua mix (poi dog, as we call it here - meaning crossbed), I decided that I really liked it. I got everything from employees about their story. She was eight years old. When he wanted to get the puppies, a man brought him. The puppies were raised so that Laura could regain her power. She was very healthy now.

If a person chooses a dog, it is a big decision. A dog has a lot of responsibility. Departing a dog can cause heartache. I had a Chihuahua for two years. His name was Nai. He was killed as a result of a bull attack in the pit. I really wanted to be safe before I adopted another dog. It took me a while. Laura was adopted by someone else before me.

I visit human society only once a week. It is very difficult to see all the dogs that need home, love, attention, food, shelter and training. Recently, each kennel or large cage of the Mouni Human Society has two or three dogs because the non-profit organization is used almost exclusively. The dogs have placed an information sheet on their kennel door that a good woman or a good man saw them roaming hungry and thirsty and took them to a shelter for adoption. Instead, some of the dogs' kennel notes say that the owner brought them in and released them because they could no longer take care of the animals.

It is sad and surprising how many abandoned dogs have been brought to the Mouni Humane Society in the last few months. Maui had to close more than last year. MHS employees see a relationship between losing their homes and leaving their dogs. A large number of people who lost their homes through mortgages leave the island.

When I went to the Maui Humane Society today, there were many dogs that I loved. A newborn was disgusting. It looked like a miniature red setter, although there is no such thing. This little dog of about 20 pounds had brought its owner with its puppies. I am glad that the owner feels pity to ask for help when the animal is not taken care of. Another new little dog, Daesh, was a small Chihuahua of the year, roaming the island. Human social workers called him Lulu. Has anyone owned this dog for a few years and then really thought they were doing their best to let go of their cute little dog, revolve around thirst and hunger and exposure to dehydration and hunger Live? The dog was only six pounds and was able to have lunch at the farm for the big dog. The owners of the small Chihuahua probably could not "lose" them. The only major dog house is where you can ask for a lost dog. The owners would not have asked, otherwise they would have met them again.

Most Maui dogs who want to adopt a guard dog, instead of getting pure breeding for $ 2,000 check out these dog names from DNI. Purebred dogs in the Hawaiian Islands are very expensive - incredibly expensive - and vary in price depending on the breed. Prices are due to high supply and demand. There are several regulations to bring new dogs to the islands, and Hawaii has the longest quarantine time in any state. Usually people here like Poi Dog. You feel good about animal rescue.

There are many stray dogs on the floor and many of them have litter or dustbin if rescued. Taking care of animals takes time and a lot of work, but only a few people offer it here - like thousands of other places in America. - Comments: 0

Cool Dog Apps - 13 Mar 2019 11:32


We live in a world where the date of technology and many things we need are just a click on a computer or our mobile phone. We download the app on our phone for a variety of reasons - for entertainment, entertainment, information, socialization and more. Do you know that there are many good apps for your dog? If you are the parent of an animal, you will be an emergency medical emergency, training tips, general health or just fun, if you are looking to be useful. Disney Dog Names

If you have a dog, then download these dog apps:

First aid for pets

It is from the American Red Cross, which is available in iOS and Android, and it can be downloaded for free. It provides useful information and advice about dogs' general health problems, emergency situations and first aid. It also provides video demonstration in which the dog's resurrection is included. There is a fun quiz and a section where you can enter your pet's information.

Rover - Pet Sitter and Dog Walker

The name of the application can be found on anyone on the rover as you can to fit your fur baby or you can go, if you can not. It lists more than 50,000 stallers or animal singers to choose from. Do not worry, Rover checks back the background and supports the clock for guarantees and insurance. The characteristics of the cooler rover are related to linking one of the closest dog girls and walkers through the app and receiving photo updates from them. This app is from and it can be downloaded for free for iOS and Android phones.


iKibble is a dog app Llamaface and free for iOS, but there is a paid app for Android ($ 0.99) This is a great app for dog foods if you are not sure whether something is safe or your pet is not upset . An extensive list of food on IKibble food is not considered safe for dogs or cats, and gives information. You can find alphabetically or in different categories.

My pet can talk

Rongyan Xiao, who can talk with my stomach, is an app available for free for iOS and offers fun and entertainment. Upload a photo or video of your fur child and this app will talk to him. Thousands of positive reviews on iTunes can talk with my stomach is a great app for dogs.

Download these 4 cool dog apps on your phone. Finding useful information and fun is not tragic.

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